Could you use a little extra money?

Do you have any unwanted items that you no longer need or want?

Are they in good condition?

Well we may be able to help you out.  We have 3 ways to help you sell your items.  You can come and set a booth up, we can try to buy, or we can accept on consignment.

Booth Rental We have spaces available inside and outside for Saturdays and Sundays.  Outside spaces are $10 a weekend.  Inside spaces are first come first serve.  The rates start at 10X10 are $10. (do have biggers spaces)

Buying your unwanted items!! that are in good shape.  You will need a valid ID.  There is a form to be filled out each time and a you will need to take a picture with your items. We only buy on Saturdays between 10am - 3pm.

Consignment!! For a small percentage we will try to sell your items. If you bring your items with a price list we ask 20%.  We will help you price the items you bring in for 25%. We will pick up your items for you for 35%.